Speech-Language Therapy Sessions

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Our speech-language pathologists provide individual and group speech and language services to children through treatment procedures and techniques. The frequency and nature of the therapy is determined based on your child’s specific needs. Therapy sessions are generally 50 minutes in length; 25-minute sessions are also available (in clinic only).

To ensure the highest quality of therapy, services are always accompanied by home practice programs to allow for optimal carry-over of skills learned in each session. We also make educating family members and caregivers an essential component of the intervention plan.

Pediatric services include assessment and treatment of:

Speech disorders
Articulation disorders/clarity of speech
Phonological disorders
Oral motor delays
Tongue thrust
Apraxia of speech
Fluency disorders (stuttering)
Voice and resonance disorders
Feeding and swallowing disorders (dysphagia)

Language Delays and Disorders
Late talkers or late-talking children
Pre-literacy and literacy skills
Receptive language disorders
Expressive language disorders
Organization of language
Augmentative and alternative communication
Pragmatic language (social language)