Occupational Therapy Sessions

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Our occupational therapist will provide individual and group occupational therapy services to children through treatment procedures and techniques. The frequency and nature of the therapy is determined based on your child’s specific needs. Therapy sessions are generally 50 minutes in length; 25-minute sessions are also available (in clinic only).

To ensure the highest quality of therapy, services are always accompanied by home practice programs to allow for optimal carry-over of skills learned in each session. We also make educating family members and caregivers an essential component of the intervention plan.

Pediatric services include assistance with:

Developmental Disabilities
Autism spectrum disorders
Down syndrome
Cerebral palsy
Hearing impairments
Cleft lip and/or palate

Learning Disabilities
Auditory processing disorders
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Other Areas of Expertise
Feeding therapy
Sensory processing disorders
Visual perception deficits
Hand dexterity
Pre-printing and printing skills
Environmental and adaptive devices